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1982   Suite for two flutes (Lyche forlag)
1984   Triora String Quartet 
1987   The lyrical Joke in the Secret Garden when the Leaves are Falling – Wind Quintet
1996   White Wings – for viola solo, recorder flute and string trio (recorded for the album Bridge)
1997   Annual Rings – for string orchestra (recorded by Philharmonia Orchestra for the album Bridge)
2004   Three Fragments for string trio
2017   To sanger for stemme og piano. Tekster av Asbjørn Ekenes
2018   Four states for piano solo
2018   Flute Quintet (dedicated to the ensemble 5 across)
2018   Brass Quintet (dedicated to Oslo Messingkvintett)
2019   We had something – for voice, chamber string orchestra and piano. Lyrics by Benedicte Torget
2020   Europen Memories – Concerto for Bassoon and Orchestra (dedicated to Bassoonist Per Hannevold)